Inground Pools

Steel Wall Design that is built on Engineering Excellence

Our Pools are built strong, thanks to an engineering process that incorporates a unique 7″ triple-bend design on the top and bottom flanges. The triple bend offers more strength than a standard steel panel.

Our A-frame steel braces are the strongest in the industry, providing uncompromising support to our pool walls.

Capped with Aesthetic Perfection

Imperial’s craftsmanship isn’t all hidden beneath the surface. We offer elegant, exclusive features you can see and touch that provide aesthetic appeal to every pool we manufacture:

  • Interior Pool Finishes: Soft to the touch, our interior pool finishes come in a variety of alluring patterns and are simple to replace, allowing your pool’s interior to change with you over time.
  • Progressive Coping: Locks your concrete deck against the pool walls with a contoured shape, fewer seams, and a low profile edge.

Limitless Options

With the pliability of steel, you can create your own custom-designed inground pool or choose from over 80 standard pool shapes. Anything you can dream, we can manufacture.

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